Membership Cards / Clean Release Labels

Membership cards make it easy for you to see who belongs in a gym, club, school or other restricted-access facility. Our printing process provides crisp, vivid colors that are great for logos and pictures as well as text. The cards can be printed on the front and back, so you have plenty of room to include all of the necessary information.

A common style uses a photograph or illustration for the front, while text on the back covers legal aspects like restrictions, valid dates and other such data. You are not limited to this setup, though – we can easily handle full color printing on both sides of your cards.

Lamination is important for membership cards. It keeps them in good shape through months of use. It also makes them look nice and professional. Another benefit of Reliable Label's lamination is that it can be written on. This allows members to sign their names on the card for a fully-official presentation.

These cards are also known as "clean release" cards because they have no obvious perforation between them. When you take them off of the sheet, each one will look as though it was separately cut. This is very important for presenting a fully professional look.

Clean release cards aren't limited to being used for memberships. They're also good for discount programs that reward return customers, as ID cards for either students or employees, temporary guest passes, and other such things. This versatility makes them a great inexpensive solution for all of your organization's identification needs.

Reliable Label has been in business since 1974, so we know how to produce quality products at affordable prices. Work with us to get the precise membership and identification cards you need. You'll love how our top-class cards help cement your organization's appearance as a competent and well-run business.