Security labels

Security labels are often used to prevent or detect tampering with objects that may contain confidential information, valuables, or equipment/calibration settings. Typical places security labels are used include envelopes, file cabinets, cartons, entry doors and even aircraft hatches and electronic components.

Security labels can help to protect your brand and reduce fraud. We can provide you labels with anti-counterfeit properties through special materials, holographic patterns, foils, security slits, aggressive adhesives and other state-of-the-art features. Holographic labels can offer an added layer of security since they cannot be copied or scanned; they are a known method for combating counterfeiting.

If removed, a security label will self-destruct in a manner that will indicate that it has been tampered with. Security labels are designed to show evidence of tampering immediately. This feature varies with each specific label type. Polyester materials have a built-in release which leaves a dot pattern, the word “VOID" or the word “OPENED." Frangible acetate and paper will rip when removed.

Our security labels are available in a number of types, including standard and holographic versions. All security labels can be custom-printed with your company's name and/or logo. Adding consecutive serial numbers is also an option. A custom imprint increases the overall security of the label. Imprints are made with a durable colored ink that won't rub off with normal usage. Your imprint is available in a variety of colors. For added security, we will take measure to ensure that your unique imprint is available only to your company or organization.

Standard security labels do not require a custom imprint; they can be purchased plain, without any printing on their surface. However, most holographic labels will require a custom imprint.

All of our security labels are designed for ease of use and application - simply peel and stick.