Instant Redeemable Coupon labels, or IRCs, are a great way to attract attention to your existing products and services. IRC labels allow you to provide opportunities for discounts, rebates, QR codes, sweepstakes, or additional information about your products. There are countless other means of becoming more interactive with your client.


Statistics have shown that products containing coupons are much more likely to be noticed by customers than those without coupons. Coupon labels are easy to understand and use, and they create a sense of value, excitement, and uniqueness about a product. When it is printed using the bright, vibrant 4-color process, it can make an impact.


Clients can use IRC labels to attract buyers to their existing products and also to draw in return business through promotions and other programs. Coupons and IRC labels can be produced in up to 8 total colors and can be printed on nearly any label material for by-hand or auto-application. They are also available in several quantities.


Instant Redeemable Coupon labels are printed on the finest label printing equipment possible. These labels can be the perfect choice for all of your coupon label and custom promotional label needs.


We can produce a wide variety of coupon labels. Our talented team is looking forward to assisting you with any IRC label project you can dream up! Set yourself apart from the competition by letting us produce a cost- effective, value added coupon or IRC label for your product.


Let us be your coupon supplier of choice. Our innovative design process allows us to provide you with the most advanced Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC) product on the market. Clear liner technology allows the customer to view your product underneath when the coupon is removed. Call us today to help you upgrade your coupon program.