If you are looking for a way to make your dairy, juice, and water products stand out on the shelves, you have come to the right place. Out labels are specially formatted to help you catch the eye of potential customers and stand out compared to similar products. Our labels offer a variety of attributes that you will find beneficial.

Moisture Control

One of the biggest problems facing product makers and labelers with drink products is moisture control. A poorly made label can slip right off a wet container or bottle. We specially format our labels to keep this from happening. This moisture control technology allows for reliable application on the appropriate containers each time. This customized construction also helps to minimize scuff marks that can occur during shipping and handling, ensuring that your clients can always read the product label.


We offer our clients many choices to help them choose the best label for their products. There are countless die shapes and colors available so we can perfectly match the colors of your logo and the image you had in mind for your product. There will not be any need to settle when it comes to designing your dairy, juice, or water product label.

Technical Support

We always offer top of the line technical support to our clients to make sure that the labels they receive are made exactly to their specifications. We are available every step of the way to offer advice, answer questions, and ensure that everything is done to fill the needs of the client.
When your product is ready to hit the shelves, you want only the top of the line labels to tell your customers what they are buying. Reliable Label is here to make sure that your dairy, juice, and water products will catch the eye of your customers.