If you strive to make your products environmentally friendly, their labels must be made with green materials as well. There have been many products that had otherwise earth-friendly packaging but were disqualified from being recycled simply because of the label. Fortunately, Reliable Label has recyclable labels available that are fitting for a wide range of products.

To assure that our recyclable labels are “green” we offer labels that are made from post-consumer waste, can be recycled safely, and many of our labels include renewable ingredients such as bamboo, corn, sugar cane, or other natural materials.

Even among recycled labels, different label materials work better with some types of products than others. Tree-free label stock, made from bamboo, cotton, and sugar cane has a smooth surface that is perfect for wine bottles and some specialty foods. Polylactic acid (PLA) labels are made from the lactic acid found in starch rich products such as wheat, corn, and sugar beets. The properties of these labels mimic those made from petroleum based plastics while being better for the earth. Resistant to moisture, PLA labels are suitable for application in showers and refrigerators. PLA labels produce 68% fewer greenhouse gasses and are completely non-toxic.

If you are unsure which earth friendly materials are the best fit for your product, our friendly customer service experts can discuss your product needs and help you find the best label possible. In addition to having access to eco-friendly materials, we are committed to providing the utmost precision to all our labeling products, and our award winning design team can help you develop the perfect look for your product. Whether you represent a large corporation or a small business, at Reliable label we stand behind every label we print and are committed to your satisfaction.