When you are planning a direct mail marketing campaign, you want to draw the attention of your potential client to what you are offering. You want them to be excited about your product and why they should choose what you have to offer over your competitors. This means that direct mail marketing campaigns should be well designed and use bold colors that immediately draw the eye, but another feature to consider may be a piggyback sticker.


What is a piggyback sticker?

A piggyback sticker is a label that you can place on your direct mail marketing campaign to encourage the audience to take a particular action. For example, you can place a sticker offering the new client a gift or an entry in a contest if they place the sticker on an official entry form and return it. Stickers can also be used as coupons, fun reminders about sales or in store gifts, and whatever other creative idea you and your marketing company develop.


Product Options

We work to create the top product labels for you. We have a variety of special die shapes and colors, and the capacity to put text under the sticker should your marketing campaign call for it. Our stickers are designed to be easily peeled to prevent frustration on the part of your customers but are also able to withstand transport so you do not have to worry about the sticker accidentally peeling off in the mail.


When you are looking to develop a direct mail marketing campaign, you are pulling out all the stops to attract new clients and we are here to help. Once you have created your design for your piggyback sticker, you can trust us to create a top quality label for you to capture the attention of your clients and engage them in your product.