It’s not just food companies and manufacturers that need labels, the average supermarket sells hundreds of fresh food products, all of which require labels. Meat from the butcher, fresh produce, deli products, and freshly baked bread and rolls all need to have a label.


What Are Supermarket Labels?

Supermarket labels are necessary for store-marketed items, like bakery goods, deli meats, and produce. All labels are not alike. There are identification labels that name the food, its ingredients, expiration date, and its weight; promotional labels that make consumers aware of a peel-off coupon or a limited offer price; and pricing labels, essential for any consumer product.


Features of Supermarket Labels

A good custom supermarket label needs to be eye-catching to the consumer, easy to read, and contain all of the information that the consumer needs to know as well as what is required by law. Good labels help to drive product sales and set your goods apart from those of your competition.


About Reliable Label

Illinois-based Reliable Label has been producing quality, custom labels for supermarkets and other businesses for nearly 30 years. Our family-owned and operated business was built on a commitment to quality service, a standard that continues to be our primary goal today. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 grocery chain or a locally-owned community market, we’re eager to work with you and help you create stylish and effective labels for your supermarket products.


We offer in-house design assistance, quality computer graphics, and multi-color film separations. The only part of the label printing process that we don’t handle is the manufacturing of the rotary dies (which we leave to leading die makers.)


We understand that labels aren’t something that you want to spend a lot of time or money on. Let Reliable Label take care of producing a quality, eye-catching label for your supermarket products so you can concentrate on the business of selling food and creating satisfied customers.